When planning your tip to Penghu, we will strongly recommend you that stay outdoors as much time as you can, and you will find lots of activities all around this archipelago. We selected these must-do's and must-see's as our recommendations of activities/day tours in Penghu, and we highly encourage you to put them in your Penghu trip. If you are interested in any one of them, we can assist you with the tour booking and arrangements. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get more information in any one of them.

What to do: A cup of coffee on the street or by the pier (Relaxing)

Time/Cost: 2 to 3 hours / under NT$300 per person

What's it about: At Magong city center, most of the coffee/drink shops have outdoor tables on the street or by the pier. It is all about to sit back and enjoy the sunshine, slightly breeze and slow pace of life on a relaxing island. A cup of coffee at one of these outdoor tables will be a perfect match. Life is easy, and you will find it true here.

What to do: Museums/Centers&Aquarium Tours (Deeper View)

Time/Cost: 2 to 3 hours / under NT$300 per person

What's it about: When visiting the museums, centers, and the aquarium, you will get a deeper view of this island from them.? Tip: Most of them are indoors, so you may also take them as your alternative plan when it’s raining or too hot outside.

What to do: Squid Boat Fishing at Night (Easy&Fun!)

Time/Cost: 3hours/NT$500 to NT$600

What's it about: It has to be in the night beacuse they will use lighting beneath the boat to appeal squilds to come. To join this tour, you will take a squid fishing? boat to the sea, and every participants can experience squild fishing at night. The boat sailors will prepare squild noodle soup for participants to try. If you fished squilds, they will also cook it as fresh squild sashimi. Squild fishing is an featured activity here for its rich resources of squilds in the Penghu sea area. Don’t miss it because this is the only place you can do it when traveling in Taiwan.

What to do: Water Sports Activities (Exciting&Fun!)

Time/Cost: 5hours/NT$1000

What's it about: If you love the thrill of speed on water, then this is exactly the one for you. You can enjoy? unlimited times of playing water sports activities, such as jet skiing, tubing and many kinds of banana boats. You can do this either on Magong island or Jibei island, which is a beautiful island located in the north sea. Stunning view of the white and soft sand all over the beach with sunshine reflecting from blue and clear ocean is definitely a great plus for this activity.

What to do: Day trip to the South Sea (Great views!)

Time/Cost: 7hours/NT$1250

What's it about: Take a ferry boat to the Wangan island and Cimei island, and you will see the famous spots including Green Turtle Center, Hua-Zhai Historical Houses, Seven Beauties Tomb, and Twin Hearts Stone Weir, which is a large stone traditional fishing trap made in the shape of two hearts. Ancient knowledge is shown on these great works. On the trip you can also see the unique geographical scene of basalt on these islands. Tour buses are available on both islands so that you will not miss any scenic spots.?

What to do: Day trip to the East Sea (Ecological&water sports Combo!)

Time/Cost: 7hours/NT$1300

What's it about: This day trip is a combination several activities including ecological observations on intertidal zone, experiencing traditional ways of fishing in Penghu, and exciting water sports activities. You will take a boat to the east sea and do these activities on the islets. Multiple kinds of activities in one day is perfect for those who wants to experience the most in the shortest time.

What to do: Day trip to the North Sea (Sight seeing, Water Sports&Seafood!)

Time/Cost: 5hours/NT$300 to NT$1000

What's it about: You can take a ferry boat to Jibei island, which is located in the north sea. Then you can choose to play water sports, wandering around with a scooter or bicycle, or enjoy fresh and tasty seafoods. Jibei island is famous for its breath-taking beauty of beach. This day trip is more laid back style, and you should never miss it.

What to do: Floating Balcony (Fishing, Snorkeling&Seafood!)

Time/Cost: 3hours/NT$700

What's it about: You will take a speed boat to a floating balcony on the sea, then you can experience some easy fishing and snorkeling. You can also have fresh clams and oysters on BBQ. A plus is that you will get a great view of the whole Magong port and the big bridge across the archipelago.