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Snorkeling Tour to Cimei

8hrs ⎥ 8am~4pm

This tour is led by professionals to snorkel in the spectacular Cimei sea shore. First take a boat to Cimei island, and join the 3 hour snorkeling tour. Diving suit, masks and gears are provided. Corals &fishes are well preserved there. After snorkeling, you have 2 hrs free time to see around Cimei island with a scooter, so you can see Twin Heart Stone Weir, Little Taiwan rock, basalt and unique geographic scenes. Tour includes round-trip boat tickets, snorkeling tour and scooter or shuttle bus on Cimei island.

This trip takes roughly 7 hours: 1.5 hrs to Cimei, 3 hrs on snorkeling tour and 2 hrs free time for sightseeing, then take the same boat back to Magong for 1.5 hours. It will save you a lot of time on sightseeing if you bring some food as lunch. When you are back in Magong, you can take a short trip to Magong streets. Sahved ice, street foods and gift shops around Old Streets, Gwan-in Ting park (Rainbow bridge) are the highlights. This trip usually departs early in the morning and it’s energy-consuming, so make sure you get enough sleep before you go.

Remember to bring: sunscreen, sun glasses, motion sickness relief, water, swimming suit, towels, clothes to change.

Meeting Point : South Sea Visitor Center

Transportation to South Sea Visitor Center

By Bus: Drop at the “Beichen Station” of the Fenggui Line and walk for 7 minutes.
By Taxi: Approximately 20 minutes ride with a fare of around NT$350.
By Scooter : Approximately 20 minutes ride